You want your new business or idea to succeed.  That's why you need the Start It Up advantage.


Start It Up is ready to empower your enterprise to succeed. We provide expert business planning & development, sales, branding, marketing, and operations consulting services, including plans, strategies, content, campaigns, programs, processes, and technologies in areas that are mission-critical to a start-up or established business.  


We work with established companies, government contractors, associations, and non-profits, as well as emerging start-ups to accelerate revenues, launch new products, events, and ideas, expand sales in new markets or industry sectors, or jump-start a new business venture, ensuring your team has early success and achieves long-term growth and sustainability. 

We’ll help you realize your goals.

We will help your business meet its financial and operational goals by developing comprehensive business and go-to-market plans with effective sales & marketing strategies that accelerate revenue growth, secure new customers, build brand demand and leads, seize new business opportunities, and quickly overcome challenges.

Rapid and cost-effective solutions, measurable results.

Start It Up's founder & CEO, Karen Vogel, has been generating results for start-ups and established businesses for 25 years.  Karen has the experience and entrepreneurial skills to produce results quickly and validate new ideas.  She also knows when to shift gears, readdress strategies, and more importantly, fail early, minimizing risks and catastrophic failures for our clients.  We've heard from too many clients that hired very expensive consultants, marketing agencies, and business development firms that promised big results and delivered very little to no outcomes.   Most firms don't know what it takes to deliver results for a start-up or new initiative.


Start It Up understands what it takes to start up a business, rev up revenues, turn around declining sales, or launch a new idea,.  We can develop comprehensive plans and execute effective sales and marketing strategies and campaigns that work.  We partner with our clients to create metrics and milestones that track and report results on a regular basis to demonstrate progress toward established goals.  

Strategic partners you can trust.

Start It Up has worked with numerous companies, individuals, service providers, agencies, and technology firms over the last 25 years.  We have established excellent working relationships with these organizations and can manage the execution of services and technologies to ensure successful implementations and results for our clients.

Karen Vogel
Founder and CEO

Karen brings 25 years of business development and marketing experience in leadership positions for many start-ups, including b-there (an events marketing & management SaaS solution), New Generation Event Solutions (a marketing and technology agency), and The Women's Congress.  She led the business development and marketing efforts for established global corporations, and turnaround initiatives for small businesses, rapidly accelerating revenues, launching new products & services, creating and executing new event concepts, building lead and partner channel pipelines, and expanding sales in new markets.  


She has successfully launched and raised millions for two start-ups, including: b-there, the first web-based event registration and travel management and marketing SaaS solution; and The Women’s Congress, an international women’s professional development conference, trade show and online community for entrepreneurs and corporate executives, which attracted thousands of professionals, educators, speakers, and sponsors to network, conduct business, and learn.  


Karen's business development and branding efforts greatly contributed to rapid sales and customer acquisition growth, successful introductions of new products and solutions, new market expansion efforts, partner & alliance channel growth, and the highest brand recognition in their respective industries, resulting in successful corporate acquisitions for Binary Group (a woman-owned government contractor), and b-there.

Karen has nearly 20 years of comprehensive event management and marketing experience, including the creation and launch of new events, growing established events, and reviving events struggling with declining revenue and attendance.  She managed leading industry trade shows and conferences at Reed Exhibitions, and launched events at Reed Travel Exhibitions and New Generation Event Solutions that continue to be leading market events.   Karen created the Exhibit Marketing Kit that was the model used at Reed Exhibitions for over 10 years, improving exhibitor and sponsor participation in marketing the events and developing strategies that improved corporate event participation.

Karen has worked with numerous associations, trade show organizers, and corporate clients at her own event agency, New Generation Event Solutions, and other marketing agencies, consistently improving sponsorship, exhibit, and conference revenue growth; increasing exhibit square footage, pre-registrations, and onsite attendance numbers; minimizing housing attrition risks, lowering costs; and improving industry brand presence.

She has worked with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies to accelerate revenue growth, acquire new customers, generate demand and leads, and build awareness and thought leadership. Her market-vertical familiarity extends across multiple industries, including  technology, software (SaaS, developer, mobile), government contracting, events & meetings, pets, travel & hospitality, retail & ecommerce, professional membership organizations, healthcare & pharmaceutical, entertainment, telecommunications, manufacturing, publishing, and non-profit.

Karen graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing.